Nahan town facing acute water shortage

Sep 07, 2010 12:20 | Poltics


More than 40,000 residents of Nahan town facing acute water shortage problem for the last two months due to defect of Kheri lift  water supply scheme and Nehar Sawar Gravity water supply scheme for Nahan town due to continue rain in area. The pipes connected for the supply of water to town were damaged because of the landslides on the way time and again.

            The Irrigation and public health (IPH) Department arranged water tankers in the streets of town to supply water in each house but those down the stairs in hilly area of town remained without water. The senior citizens were the main effected families who could not carry water to their housed and paid from Rs. 10/- to 25/- per bucket to laborers daily.

            Janamashtami and Ramnomi days were most effected for the water supply when residents could not get the water a single drop the IPH officers assured continuously that pipe lines would be connected and regular supply of water would be regularized but water remained suspended. The damage of pipelines every year had become a routine during rainy season But officials failed to make in order water supply.

            The senior citizens approached Engineer-in-chief R.K. Sharma to interfere for regular supply.