Government of India should review the policy about Tibetans living in India :Indresh Kumar

May 02, 2012 16:44 | Tibet News

Spreading rail may be a costly affair in Himalyas, but not costly than our Independence.

Dharamshala/Arvind Sharma

“Government of India should review the policy about Tibetans living in India, so that they can live with ease and reach their goal of independent Tibet,” said Indresh Kumar on Wednesday at Dharamshala. He was here in connection with the daylong seminar on the Himalaya Surkshit-Bharat Surakshit of Himalyan pariwar. He said, “when the more harmful Bangla desi intruders are being looked after sympathetically why not the peace loving Tibetans.” He said that Indian government must not come under the pressure of China in such matters. Indresh said that the activities of china are a threat to India, it tries to control the movment of our leaders in some parts of North East. He said that in  view of the Chinese defense set up along Himalayas, India must built its own strong rail –road net work in north east and north western hill states including Himachal. He said, “Spreading rail may be a costly affair in these areas, but it is not more costly than our Independence.”  It could be less costly than scams like 2 g. Government has to work above party line to develop this network, said Indresh.

Talking about the seat of Karmapa lama, and fight for this between Ogyen Trinley Dorjee and Trinley Thay Dorjee, Indresh said that it is the internal matter of the Tibetans, but we consider Ogyen Trinley Dorjee as the one as he had the blessings of Dalai Lama. Indresh also demanded more freedom to Karmapa in India. He said that involving his name in recent cases could be a part of conspiracy as his name was considered as next Dalai Lama.

Indresh said that the borders of India should be more laminate electrically, well connected and environmentally protected. He said that the time has come when china must vacate sacred Kailash  and stop the activities of diversion and water stoppage of rivers originating from Mansrover, as they are the life line of Asian people.

The program was also attended by Karmapa lama, who said “we are greatful to the India, which has given us shelter. Tibet and India has a family relation. “ he said that the community also apriciate the Indian roal in the world peace.

Ms Dolma Gyari Home Minister of Tibetan Govewrnment in Exile, Tejwant  Negi Himachal MLA and HPU VC were also present at the occasion.