State government is involved in curruption:Musafir

May 03, 2012 10:52 | Poltics

S.P,Jerath:Nahan:-The state government is deeply involved in corrupt practices, said by former HP Vidhansabha  Speaker and presently congress MLA from Pachhad Assembly Constituency  Gangu  Ram Musafir . He said that the subsidy was provided to the farmers  to prepare vermin composed pit but unfortunately the preparation of pit was given to the private organizations like Bhartiya Global  development charitable  trust which was totally against the norms.  He said that the government was fully prepared to give benefit to the private agencies  and contractors.

Musafir  alleged that CPS   Sukh Ram Chaudhary had been the main person who  had been involved in these corrupt practices who had transferred the government functioning into the hands of private companies. He alleged that the present government had become the centre of corruption in the hands of mine quarry, land , wine etc. mafia. He said that the people having power of attorney  being misused by the residents supported  by the ruling party  leaders  and the government land being transferred in the name of benami  process which had increased the more corruption in state. He said that BJP government would not come to power during the coming state assembly elections.