More efforts to put in to oust BJP from H.P:Vir Bhadra singh

Jun 08, 2012 17:35 | Poltics

Dharamsala (Arvind Sharma)

Central union minister Vir Bhadra singh said that if the high command gives him the respolsivility to work in the coming Himachal assembly elections, he shall work with dedication and sincerity. Talking to media in dharmasala the ex CM of the state Mr. singh said, "The efforts of the congress so far are not enough to oust the Dhumal lead BJP government in Himachal." He said that there was a conspiracy to entangle him in CD episode, however if proved guilty in the court he will resign from the ministry, but only after the consultation with PM Dr. Manmohan Singh and Congress suppreamo Madam Gandhi. He said that the present BJP government in the state is getting many prizes in various field, but all are because congress governments worked year together to take the state to this position. He further said that the BJP government in the state is busy in eliminating even the signs of the development made by congress governments in Himachal.

Singh said that if come in to power the congress government shall erect Central University in one station of the state, which at present was planed in Dharamsala and Dehra, which are 45 kms apart from each other.

He said that the defeat of congress in the Shimla Municipal election was due to the wrong distribution of tickets, such mistake shall not be allowed to repeat in the coming assembly elections. He termed Dharamsala as the second administrative capital of the state and claimed that for this all the work was done during his own Chief Minister ship.