18 candidates from Dehra and 14 from Dharamsala are the Maximum in Himachal poll.

Nov 01, 2012 18:14 | Poltics

Dharamsala (arvind Sharma)

Around  45.16 Lakh voters including  22 lakh female voters  shall decide the fate of 459 candidates in Himachal assembly poll. The signal day polling in Himachal is on Sunday the 4th November .

 the candidates are working around the cloak  for the last 70 hours for their future of next 5 years. This time the emphasis is on ,door to door canvassing.

Beside the traditional rivals Congress and BJP Who have fielded 68 candidates each, so many other parties are also trying their luck. BSP is again fielding its candidates in 66 out of 68 constituencies in the state, barring Banjar in Kullu and Nadoun in Hamirpur.

Nationalist Congress Party and Indian Trinamul congress are making their debut in Himachal assembly elections this time .beside that the parties like CPI,CPM,SP have also fielded few candidates.  The biggest new entrant is Himachal Lokhit Party (HLP ),is the creation of the ex BJP stalwart Maheshwar Singh . the party has fielded 35 candidate. Loktantrik JanShakti party, Himachal Swabhinan Party, Hindustan Nirmaan dal , Indian Justice party are also in the fray.

Nowhere in 68 constituencies there is direct fight, whereas there is triangular fight in two constituencies, 1- Churah of Chamba where candidates of INC,BJP and BSP are in the field and 40- Nadoun of Hamirpur where INC,BJP and Himachal Lokhit Party men are contesting

In Four places in Himachal there is a  four cornered contest ,  these are , Siraj ,SriRenuka ji, Jubble & Kotkhai and Rampur. Five candidates each are fighting the election in 14 constituencies, six each in 15 including that of Shimla Gramin, where Vir Bhadra is contesting . Chief Minister PK Dhumal is Contesting from Hamirpur where a total of seven people are in the fray, a reentrant of congress Major Mankotia is also searching way out win,within the seven candidates in Shahpur. Seven-time MLA and the oldest candidate in fray, Congress veteran Vidya Stokes (84) is also pitched in a seven cornered contest in Theog constituency of Shimla .There are 13 such constituencies where seven persons are trying their luck.

Similarly 8 persons are in the field in 10 constituencies, and 9 in 5 constituencies.  10 candidates are at Mandi and Gagret and  11 at Arki .

The Maximum number of 16 candidates are from Dehra in Kangra District where Food minister Ramesh C Dhwala is the point of attraction, followed by 14 in Dharamsala constituency where Two Sitting MLA’s of last assembly, BJP’s  Kishan Kapoor( Indurry minister) and Congress MLA (Baijnath) Sudhir Sharma are testing their luck

This time 107 candidates are fighting the election as Independents.

The counting shall be conducted on 20th December.  PK Dhumal is confident to return to power whereas Vir Bhadra is also completely confident to de throw the BJP government. The political pundits say that the fight at the moment is just neck to neck.

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