UPA defamed India in World: L.K, Advani

Nov 01, 2012 22:36 | Poltics

The present Union UPA Government headed by congress party leaders had defamed the  of India  in world due to the rising of scams and earned the name in corruption on the top among the other countries which is most shameful.

These words were spoken by the former Deputy Prime Minister of India and senior BJP leaderL.K.Advani while addressing a public meeting at Majra about 32 Km. from here under Nahan assembly constituency today.
He said that it was expected that India would be the top power country in the world in 21 century but it earned  adverse  name under the ruling of congress party. He said that in case BJP came to power in centre in 2014 it would try to bring the country of power in world. He said that it could only be done if the voters willing to wash the black spot of corruption from the face of country by changing the ruling governments in centre and states.

Advani said that when he went to Pakistan earlier he asked the rulers of that country to avoid of having help of terrorism to attack on other countries which would be harmful to Pakistan in the coming days but they never go on my advice. He said that Pakistan rulers used the help of terrorists and now facing the result of the same presently as the terrorists had become a problem for Pakistan these days.

Ex-Dy. PM said that voting must be made compulsory by every voter in India and there should be a rule for the same. In case any voter not willing to vote any candidate during elections, there should be batten in the machine that the voter not willing to vote any candidate. He said that there should also be the facility of online voting system so that the voters could use their right of voting of their choice without standing in the queue  as being done in present system.

Advani said that in India Education, Health and Security must kept on top priority basis by all governments in States and Centre so that the people of the country  could have better education and health. He said that India could be SIRMAUR in the world if given top priority for the betterment in every matter and issue. He said that when he knew that he was going to Sirmaur, he thought this district must be on the top in development but it was most unfortunate that it was on the bottom in the state among 12 districts in-spite of the fact that all five constituencies of the district were represented by congress MLA’s most of the period. He appealed the voters of the areas of Nahan and other four constituencies to vote for BJP candidate to come to power if willing to see the development in their areas.

National BJP spokesperson Shah Nawaz Husain also spoke on this occasion.