‘HPCA to hold mass prayers and lunch to appease rain god’

Apr 01, 2013 21:02 | Poltics

Yogesh Puri

Dharamshala: As the IPL extravaganza is ahead next month in the hill town for which the hotels have already been booked till far. The authorities of the Himachal Pradesh cricket association has decided to hold mass prayers and lunch this time to appease the rain god.

“We have decided to hold a mass program on April 4th at Indrunaag temple which is the rain god in the region and has helped us a lot every time. This time too we will offer him prayers and seek successful matches ahead in May month” said Sanjay Sharma, spokesperson of the HPCA.

Cricket stadium here is considered to be the home ground of the Kings XI Punjab. Kings will play against Mumbai Indians and Delhi Daredevils this IPL season. Two matches have been scheduled for May 16th and 18th. Both are scheduled for the evenings.

But as the streaky weather is changing its face intermittently there are very much possibilities that the evenings would be much colder than expected and players might have to face chilling winds during the game.

There are about 200 hotels in here and Mcleodganj and hoteliers have maintained that all the properties have been sold out for the matches. Hoteliers stated that the matches here have given a good business to the tourism but the poor facilities have always annoyed the visitors here.

“Though, the tourism has been increased due to the matches but every time we are witnessing new people here. As due to the pathetic road conditions people don’t want to come here again. We have seen that every time there are new faces. Tourists usually complains of roads, light facilities which irks them” said an Rakumar Sood, a Hotelier here.

Players in tourism industry here also demanded that the ban on the late night parties should also be uplifted during the IPLs. They said that revelers from across the country demands to host parties or DJ nights on the roofs but due to the ban we could allow them.

“Last year one of the group staying in our Hotel has to face the police queries as they were dancing till the midnight on the top floor while the police came on the routine patrolling asked them to either stop this or face action” said an Hotelier from Naddi near here.