City lad made Chandigarh proud

May 01, 2013 18:54 | Chandigarh


Ranjit Bajaj has done the city proud by being featured in the Limca book of records 2013 edition for high altitude swimming. 

 On mountaineering expedition to Mount Pumori in the Himalayas in Nepal in October 2011, Ranjit attempted a record breaking high altitude swim in the freezing glacial lake at the foot of Mount Everest & Mount Pumori in the Khumbu region of the Himalayas. The altitude of the lake has been recorded as 5300 Mts. This semi frozen lake has never been swam by an Indian before. He jumped in on 18th October 2011 with his team members cheering him on and making videos. The dangers are obvious, Hypothermia, Pulmonary or Cerebral edema, Frostbite and lack of oxygen. The water is near freezing and only a couple of seconds in the water are enough to solidify one's bloodstream. Once you jump in, you are on your own as no one will jump in to save you if something went wrong.