Farmers distressed due to unknown disease in GARLIC

May 02, 2013 17:38 | Feature & Viewpoint

S.P,Jerath:Nahan :- Hundreds farmers belonging to Giripar area of Sirmaur district had badly distressed due to the development of unknown disease in GARLIC cash crop while in field and the crop had reduced to one fourth in its production this year while the farmers were getting 100 percent production during previous years. The farmers including Bhoora Singh, Amarjit Singh, Bansi Ram Sharma, Mani Ram, Bharat Singh, Krishan Singh, Zalim Singh etc. belonging to the areas of Nainidhar, Halahan, Loja Maanal, Naya Panjorh, Gattadhar, Sagna Satahan, Panog, Jarwa, Nohradhar, Haripurdhar etc. said that they had been facing financial crisis due to the disease developed in the crop this year.

They said that their crops had turned black due to which they were not getting proper price of garlic this time. They said that last year their product was sold in the market at various places of the country due to the best product with high price of more than Rs.80/- and above per Kg. while this year the same being sold not more than at Rs. 30/- in open market.

The Assistant Director Dr. Dhanveer Singh at research Krishi Vigyan kendar Dhaulakuan in this district said that he would send the scientists on the spot to check the sand of the area to know the reason of the disease. He said that after checking the soil of the area, necessary steps would be taken to provide suitable spray to remove the disease. The farmers said that the disease had developed due to untimely rain due to which moisture developed in the earth which destroyed the product this year. They demanded compensation from the government so that they could feed the family members since the cash crop had been badly damaged under the present circumstances.