Negligent on part of forest officials cost dearly for Leopard

Feb 03, 2014 20:56 | CrimeMishappenings

Dehra:Brejeshwar Saki:Due to the negligence on the part of the forest department officials of Himachal Pradseh in Kangra districts has taken the live of the leopard that was caught in the web.

The leopard who fought with the cold waves throughout the night gave up when the forest officials strangulated him while rescuing him and also gave the overdose of treatment.

The rescued team who came from Hamirpur for the rescue operations shot the wild animal for 3 times to unconscious him but everything went in vain.

The inexperienced team of forest officials takes the life of the 4 year old Leopard.

Postmortem was done at Dehera hospital.

While asking the officials of Police and forest department about all this no one come forward to clear the air.