Akshay's Johnny Johnny

Jul 04, 2014 10:36 | Entertainment

Johnny Johnny becomes an instant hit as it transports you to your kiddie

The Johnny Johnny fever is here and is bound to stay! Akshay Kumar's latest hit from the movie It's Entertainment has caught on to the youngsters  due to its catchy beats and nursery rhyme lyrics making it relatable to all age groups from teens to youngsters to middle aged and even the elderly! All the top nightspots in town are vying to play the track in their clubs making it a sensation in just a few days since its launch. Speaking on the same, debutant director duo Sajid Farhad say that the nursery rhymes somehow remained etched in our minds even after we turn adults. "We know all nursery rhymes by heart and in the song Johnny Johnny we have played with that." Farhad adds, "Jaise ek aashiq apna pehla pyar nahi bhulta, waise hi aap apne pehle seekhe huye gaane kabhi nahi bhulte. However educated a person becomes, he or she will never forget the nursery rhyme they learnt so this song had to be a hit as it brings out the child in a youth and the youth in a child. We also found Sachin Jigar's tune to be catchy. The simple lyrics just sync with the lips." This is for the first time that Akshay will be seen crooning to a female voice in the film. Sajid explains, "Akshay is sloshed and in high spirits. Masti ka mood hai. He is surrounded by bevy of beauties. And in that masti he sings in a femalevoice. Singers Jigar, Madhav Krishna and Priya have done full justice to the song."