Punjab government to organise free eye camps

Mar 07, 2015 16:55 | Punjab

Chandigarh March 7: The Punjab government would organise free eye camps in all the district and sub-divisional hospitals from March 9 to 13. Disclosing this here today Health and Family Welfare Minister Mr. Surjit Kumar Jayani said that the camps have been organised under National Programme for Control of Blindness.

The Minister has asked the Govt. and Private eye surgeons to ensure that Guidelines regarding Eye camps are followed strictly during the camps so as to avoid any mishap. He said that the camps would be organised under strict supervision of the expert ophthalmologists and other trained medical and paramedical staff.

          Giving further details Principal Secretary Health and Family Welfare Ms. Vini Mahajan said that adequate steps have been taken to control blindness in the state. Since, 60% of blindness is due to cataract, a major thrust in the year 2014-15 would be to bring down the level of blindness from 1.00% to 0.3% by 2020.Our aim is to perform 95% of Cataract surgeries with IOL implantation, she added. Emphasis has been laid on the latest technique of Stitch less Cataract Surgery. Phaco Machines have been provided in District Hospitals. Besides this Flash Autoclaves have been installed in all DHs for improved and quick sterilisation of instruments. All district Hospitals have Yag Laser equipment, for treatment of post-operative opacification of posterior capsule and to treat Glaucoma. More than 1.5 lakh Cataract Operations have been performed and 9,488 patients of other eye diseases e.g. squint; Corneal Opacity, Diabetic Retinopathy etc. have been treated during the period of April 14 to Jan.15.

Elaborating further, Director Health Dr. Karanjeet Singh Said that ophthalmic refraction units have been installed in DHs and SDHs. Auto refractometers were made available in 20 DHs and more were being procured. Hydraulic OT Tables, Retinoscopes, Ophthalmoscopes, Slit lamps, Phaco machines would be procured in this financial year, he added. Recently a New eye wing having all the latest machinery in district hospital Ferozepur has been made operational. Besides this he said that regular IEC activities are being undertaken for awareness about prevention and treatment of eye diseases. World Glaucoma Week, World Sight day and Eye Donation fortnight is being observed where patients have been examined free of cost and further treatment, if required, is given to them. He also said that more than 37 thousand spectacles have been distributed to School Children under NPCB & School Health. As many as 678Eye Balls have been procured by 13 Approved Eye Banks in Punjab for Corneal Transplantation while 2,286 patients of Posterior Capsular Opacification /Glaucoma have been treated with YAG Laser, said Dr. Singh.

            Dr. Rakesh Gupta State Programme Officer Punjab elaborated that Persons over 40 years, suffering from lifestyle diseases like diabetes, hypertension, thyroid disorders, having family history of diabetes or Glaucoma/Kalamotia are at risk of GLAUCOMA. If you are having following symptoms: Gradual loss of peripheral vision Severe eye pain, facial pain, nausea, vomiting and headaches then rush for the eye checkups.one of the common symptoms is also the inability to adjust the eyes to darkened rooms such as theaters. Seeing rainbow coloured halos around the light you must get your eyes checked up for Glaucoma/Kala Motia, said Dr. Gupta