Shimla Schools Get Ready for Adolescent School Health Education Programme

Mar 03, 2015 15:45 | Feature & Viewpoint

Adolescent (Age 10-19 Years of age) comprise of 253 Million  in India. which will be projected as 297 million in 2020 This is a turning point in life since many physical, Sexual and emotional changes occur this period. Consequently they have a large number of concerns and questions. At present we are in the midst of an epidemic of HIV/AIDS & they comprise of vulnerable group.

The health of adolescents is strongly affected by social factors at personal, family, community, and national levels. Nations present young people with structures of opportunity as they grow up. Since health and health behaviours correspond strongly from adolescence into adult life, the way that these social determinants affect adolescent health are crucial to the health of the whole population and the economic development of nations.

During adolescence, developmental effects related to puberty and brain development lead to new sets of behaviours and capacities that enable transitions in family, peer, and educational domains, and in health behaviours. These transitions modify childhood trajectories towards health and wellbeing and are modified by economic and social factors



Resource  Person



All Post Graduates


Inauguration & Introduction to Project

 Principal IGMC & DD Higher Education Dr Anmol Gupta


Tea Break



Know Your Body

Dr Anjai Mahajan


Anemia  & Adolescent Health Problems

Dr Narinder Mahajan


Menstrual Hygiene Programme

Dr Tripti Chauhan


 Adolescent Quiz & Group Discussion

Dr Ramna & Dr Vijay


Valedictory & Way Forward

PI ASHEP & Sh Ramesh Sarmate Science Supervisor


Refreshments at College Canteen


within countries, leading to inequalities. We review existing data on the effects of social determinants on health in adolescence, and present findings from country-level ecological analyses on the health of young people aged 10—24 years.

The Department of Community Medicine organized a one-day workshop on “Adolescent School Health Education Programme” on 4th March,2015 from 9:30 AM to 4 PM.

The Workshop was attended by Principals, Science and Physical Education teachers from 14 schools in and around Shimla city.There were Total 60 participants who took part in the workshop

The workshop was inaugurated by Principal IG Medical College Shimla Sh SS Kaushal & Dr. Anmol Gupta, Professor, Community Medicine who briefed the participants about the National Health programme, Rashtriya Kishore Swasthya Karyakram and the associated projects being implemented in H.P. by the Department of Community Medicine. Scientific sessions were conducted on Anatomy & Physiology of Male & Female Reproductive system and Menstrual Cycle by Dr . Anjali Mahajan, Anaemia and other adolescent health problems by Dr. Narender Mahajan and the final session on Menstrual hygiene programme was conducted by Dr. Tripti Chauhan. Dr. Anmol and Dr. Raman conducted a Quiz on the related topics and fun activity.

The Valedictory speech was delivered by the Principal, IGMC, Dr. S.S. Kaushal. Feedback from the participants was received on the spot which was quite encouraging. The session ended with lunch at3PM.The world Health day wiil be celebrated on 7th April 2015 with more than 500 Adolscent from all the Schools.Poster and Quiz competition & Just a minute session on Communication will be held in college Auditorium on 7th April.”

The objective of this workshop was to

To assess the impact “adolescent education program” on knowledge and awareness regarding “adolescent issues”.