To make Congress free India…BJP govt in HP a must : Amit Shah

May 02, 2015 17:55 | Poltics

Opposition’s main headache------Scam less Modi’s government

Dharamsala (Arvind Sharma )BJP president Amit shah has advised Himachal’s BJP leaders and the workers to leave a side the differences if any and work like a single team to oust congress government from Himachal. He was addressing the state executive body meeting in Dharamsala on Friday. Shah said ,”To make India a Congress free country, A BJP government is defiantly required in Himachal.” He said that BJP has ruled the state in past too, but couldn’t carry on the government. He advised BJP men to work together for a long lasting and stable BjP lead government in HP.

Without indicating any groupism in the party in Himachal Shah said, “don’t follow the face  of a leader but work for the sake of Bharat Mata.”  He said that BJP when achieved the power in Gujrat, MP and Chattisgarh, it maintained it by regular wins, HP should follow these examples.

Amit said that started by just 10 leaders in 1950 the party is now the group of 10 crore people. He said , ‘ BJP is the  Biggest political party of the world and now our major aim is to keep the  top position intact  . Bjp will also become the top party of workers too.” He said that we will convince these 10 crore members to become active workers too. “This Mahasampark abhiyaan will be completed during  August  to October this year,” said Shah.

He advised Congress, “ not to post  baseless allegations on BJP and rather accept the popularity of our party, which  not only has majority  in Loksabha but also ruling the 13 states in the country.” He said that the major problem of Congress is that there was no scam in a year of BJP rule, so they don’t have any issue to raise.    

 Shah launched a BJP web site and magazine of HP . State in charge Srikant Sharma, BJP secretary RamLal, JPNadda, Shanta Kumar, PKDhumal and Anuraag thakur were present in the meet.