Doctors taught the ways to handle new born at home

Jun 05, 2015 20:10 | Feature & Viewpoint

Around 50 new parents learnt the better parenting ways for their new
born babies.

Success of Breastfeeding is all in the mind…. Mantra is to feed …feed … & feed

STRAP: Parenthood is natural but parenting is an art to be learnt by parents

PANCHKULA,5th June 2015, Thursday 2015 (Kulbir Singh Kalsi):- My child is not burping after taking feed, my baby often spills out curdled milk, my baby has not passed stool since the last three days or my ten-day-old baby sleeps for more than four hours after having feed – these are the major queries by new parents and a big cause of concern. “Parents should get all immunizations for their child because it is far easier to prevent a disease then to go through the trauma of getting their child treated for it.” Says Dr Mahesh Hiranandani, Director of Kare Partners Mother and Child Hospital, Panchkula. Dr Mahesh stresses that traditional methods of child rearing like giving janam ghuti, kajal/surma application & vigorous massaging with oil should be avoided at all costs since they bring in more harm for the delicate newborn.

For a new mother, giving birth to a child is much easier than actually bringing him or her up. From dealing with diapers to sleepless nights to adolescence, parents always have a task at hand and trusted advice is of crucial importance. Explaining further about the trends of problems amongst new parents Dr Shruti Gupta, Consultant, Gynecology and Obestrics Kare Partners Mother and Child Hospital, Panchkula says that the problem has increased manifold due to growing trend of nuclear families, where advice from elders is few and far between. In
such a scenario, the new parents are in need of wise advice along with medical expertise. “Keeping this is mind, we held an interactive session for the parents who are struggle with the demands of their just born babies,” says Dr. Hiranandani.

Anupama from Sector 19, Panchkula says “I was not lactating after my delivery as per my mom in law, so she forced me to go for formula diet, is it right? Answering to the question, Dr. Mahesh Hiranandani says “It is the myth that a mother is not lactating, because every mother is able to breast feed her child right at birth & the lactation improves with time so Grand Parents especially Nani or Daadi should not stress on formula diet. Formula Diet makes the baby obese and creates a kind of confusion in babys tummy.

Most parents get very upset at the very sight of a crying child, for them it is important to understand that for a newborn baby crying…sleeping…feeding are the only responses and if a baby can be consoled with cuddling or feeding then all is well. On the other hand they should be able to identify some danger signs which should prompt them to seek medical help explains Dr Gagan Mahajan , Neonatologist at Kare.

Every parent is scared of common ailments that bother their babies and they always ask their doctors to advise them on some quick fix remedies……but then it is always better to seek professional help for problems like fever, vomiting, loose motions, cough as these could be a sign of some serious medical conditions warns Dr Hiranandani…. “In fact an intelligent mother can discuss all this during their routine visits to avoid underestimating & over-treating the babys symptoms”. At the end of the interactive session one could see bright & confident smiles on faces of young parents who thanked the team at Kare mother & child profusely for helping them understand their darling baby.


Lethargic baby

Baby not feeding well

Breathing difficulty

Change in colour (Pale/Blue)

Abnormal jerky movements

Blood in stool/vomit

Baby extremely irritated.

Baby extremely crying