Free Dental Screening Camp hosted by The Anād Foundation’s

Sep 03, 2015 17:35 | Punjab

Chandigarh, September 3rd Thursday (Kulbir Singh Kalsi):-Held on Sunday 31st of August under the shades of Dharamshala Ground in Blākee Patee Building, Maur Khurdh Village, in the city of Bathinda was the 3rdFree Dental Screening Camp hosted by The Anād Foundation’s Punj-Care Initiative. 

In collaboration with the Dental Surgeons Associations of India (DSAI Punjab), Punj-Care successfully consulted over seventy patients. Women, men and children who cannot afford to travel to hospitals in the city undergo severe symptoms of oral health, and overall healthcare. BDS Intern Dr. Nitin Sharma says, ‘when patients visit a clinic in the city, they know what their symptoms are; it is easy. When villagers consulted with us today, they say, “check my mouth”.’ Punj-Care’s mission is to bring quality healthcare clinics and services to the rural citizens to consult and advise appropriate remedies, and more importantly, educate them in self-maintenance.

Volunteer from today’s initiative, Sukhpal Singh shares his insight on the necessity of healthcare initiatives like Punj-Care that look out for underprivileged villages like his own Maur Khurdh. Pharmacist by profession, Sidhu shares “There’s no money involved, but I always feel that we need to selflessly serve for our community”. The Anād Foundation held a short ceremony to credit the doctors and volunteers with certificates of appreciation by the Chairman and Founder, Bhai Baldeep Singh.

Harjot Singh Sidhu, professional engineer and freelance writer of Hindustan Times and Daily Post Newspaper visited Punj-Care Initiative as a patient and community member of Bathinda. “We must educate our citizens and children, to show that a child of Punjab can also be a child of the globe. Initiatives are required. Punj-Care is doing this.” With up to seventy patients consulted in under four hours, Punj-Care’s mission will continue to travel across all districts in Punjab and build awareness of healthcare.

Greeted by Bhai Baldeep Singh, Local Akali Dal MLA and Punjab Cabinet Minister, Mr. Janmeja Singh Sekhon made an exclusive visit to the Initiative in Maur Khurdh. Bhai Baldeep shared words of gratitude and enlightened him on The Anād Foundation’s Punj-Care Initiative and new ideas that can be brought to the forefront for under-privileged communities.

From the DSAI Punjab, Dr. Yogesh Goyal gives us his reflections of the initiative held at his very own hometown, Bathinda. Dr. Goyal says, “I am very happy with this. [As Punj-Care’s mission states], if the patients can not go to the clinic, we should go to the patients.” Dr. Goyal and Dr. Akash Bhagat were facilitating this initiative with the assistance of two BDS Interns, Dr. Nitin Sharma and Dr. Bhavik Paval. BDS Intern Dr. Paval says, “This is important. We all say our body is our temple, so we must take care of it”. With the necessary remedies prescribed, the doctors, BDS interns and volunteers of The Anād Foundation, have assisted the villagers of Maur Khurdh to be healthier, happier and more health conscious and educated citizens of the nation.