BJP will take strict action against those who show their presence in Congress rally

Dec 05, 2015 16:15 | Poltics

BJP will take strict action against government employees seen in congress rally : Kishan Kapoor

Dharamshala (Arvind Sharma )

BJP has warned the Himachal government employees, seen in the congress rally held in the Jorawar Stadium  near vidhan sabha  in Dharamshala on 3rdof Dec . Ex Minister senior leader of the party Kishan Kapoor said that the party has the photographs and the phone recordings of many of such government employees , as the evidence . Speaking to media at  Dharamshala on Satureday Kapoor said,”If they repeat such act they may lose their jobs when BJP returns to power.” Kapoor said the party has evidence that large number of employees like aaganwari workers, workers of IPH-PWD-Electriccity board, Manerga, teachers appointed by SMcs  were seen there. He said that large number of Himachal Road Transport buses were misused by the corporation on direction of Transport minister,  the registration numbers of such buses were recorded by BJP.

He said ,”most of the ministers in Vir Bhadra lead congress government  are looting the government  and BJP will soon uncover their faces.” Ex minister said that the Vir Bhadra governments has numbered days with them and the state will see a major change in government soon.