Delegation from HP under Ram Swaroop meets Prime Minister

Dec 01, 2016 18:54 | Poltics

Himachal Kalyan Sabha Delegation  called on Prime Minister Sh Narender Modi at parliament  house New Delhi today.

Himachal kalyan sabha new delhi met Prime Minister Sh Narender Modi today under the leadership of Sh Ram Swaroop Sharma Member Parliament and Discussed the socio-economic and political situation of the state .

Sh Ram Swaroop Sharma thanked the prime minister Sh Narender Modi for its bold decision of Demonetization and said that it will immensely boost the economy and prosperity in hill state of himachal pradesh and will benefit the common people through infrastructure developmenta and  other incentives and facilities to rural people of hill state .He said that  people of himachal pradesh are solidly supporting the initiative of Prime Minister to root out black money and menance  of corruption from the society which is destroying the economy of this country 

Sh Ram Swaroop Sharma M.P along with office bearers of Himachal Kalyan Sabha  thanked the Prime Minister Sh Narender Modi for his liberal support and financial assistance worth crores of Rupees during present NDA regime  which has helped in implementation of various projects of national importance in the state and has generated massive economic activities and employement opportunities in the hill state .

He said that during recent visit to Mandi , which became popular as Chhoti Kashi  due to your pronoun cation in public meeting and it  has given immense publicity and importance to Mandi Town .He said that ancient traditions like Byas Puja was started after many years due to initiatives taken by the prime minister 

He thanked prime minister for  opening of Cluster University in Mandi and told that Mandi college was first and only college in old himachal which deserved to be upgraded but had been ignored by successive congress govts . 

He said that work on pathankot mandi four lane , kiratpur -Manali four lane , Bhubhujot  and Jalori Jot tunnel construction sanction has been provided by union govt and liberal financial assistance has been given for completion of construction work in time bound manner 

He said that central govt initiatives has ensure better road and communications network in tribal areas of Mandi Parliamentary constituency and thanked prime minister for taking initiatives in this regard 

He said that revival of salt mines and industry at Darang in Mandi District with central assistance of Rs 250 crore has given boost to rural economy and opened vistas of employement and economic activities in remote area of the state

Sh Ram Swaroop Sharma M.P along with office bearers of Himachal Kalyan Sabha  thanked the Prime Minister Sh Narender Modi for  visiting tribal kinnaur district for celebrations of Deewali with ITBP Jawans at China Border and said that it has contributed to emotional integration and unity of tribal people with rest of country man 

Prime Minister Sh Narender Modi told delegation that central govt will give liberal finacial assistance to all  developmental projects of himachal pradesh to complete them in time bound manner and recalled his associations with people of hill state