School children sending new year greetings to Indian Soldiers

Dec 01, 2016 19:20 | Chandigarh

1 India Friendship Campaign

With New Woolens for School Students in Leh & Kashmir Valley &

Thousands of Thank U Greeting Cards for Indian Army Soldiers Safeguarding Kashmir


December 1, 2016: According to Met officials, this year’s winter will be litter harsher than the usual winters we have seen over last few years. And going by the weather in Kashmir, it goes down further below the freezing point. Now to warm up the relations between children’s of Kashmir and children’s of rest of India and also to show solidarity with Indian Army soldiers safe-gaurding Kashmir 24X7, once again Independent Schools Association of Chandigarh and Yuvsatta-an NGO have joined hand to promote the warmth of relationships and spirit of patriotism further.

Plan is to send before X-mas, a truck load of new woolens, sweaters, jackets for the marginalized School children’s at Leh and Kashmir Valley. These days children’s in tricity Schools of Chandigarh, Panchkula and SAS Nagar are also making ‘Thank U Greeting Cards’ for brave soldiers of Indian Army who are safeguarding Kashmir 24X7 with their blood & lives. And they will also be putting friendship cards with woolens for children’s at Leh and in Kashmir valley.

Yuvsatta volunteers are coordinating with Indian Army’s  14 Corps & HQ Northern Command for safe transportation and distribution of these gifts before the arrival of X-mas and onset of New Year.  

Appreciating the drive Prof. Devi Sirohi, Chairperson, Chandigarh Commission for Protection of Child Rights (CCPCR) said that "The effort to build friendship by sending jerseys and friendship cards by children of Schools here for the children of Government schools in Kashmir is indeed appreciative. I complement the endeavour taken up in this regard by Yuvsatta, Independent Schools Association and Indian Army."  

RD Singh, Secretary of Independent Schools Association of Chandigarh added that “It is a heartwarming to see the community come together, especially children being compassionate and thoughtful towards others. We would like to thank our partner Schools for helping with this endeavour. We hope this effort is well received and more people come forward and carry this on at a personal level as well.”

Besides the School children’s studying in Schools of Chandigarh, Panchkula, SAS Nagar and Zirakpur, any other concerned citizen or company can also contribute to the cause, by donating NEW woolens, sweaters, jackets etc. for children in age group of 4-16, any colour, any design, between 9 a.m. to 1 p.m., at any of the following collection points in Schools before December 8, 2016;


Collection points for New Woolens for Children’s of Kashmir & Thank U Cards for Soldiers


1.      CL Aggarwal DAV Model School, Sector 7 B, Chandigarh

2.      New Public School, Sector 18B, Chandigarh

3.      Sri Guru Harkrishan Sr. Sec. Public SchoolSector 40-CChandigarh

4.      Banyan Tree School, Sector 48B, Chandigarh

5.      Gurukul Global School, Manimajra, Chandigarh


1.      Hansraj DAV School, Sector 6, Panchkula

2.      CL DAV Sr. Public School, Sector 11, Panchukla

3.      The Gurukul, Sector 20, Panchukla

SAS Nagar

1.      Paragon Sr. Sec. School, Sector 71, SAS Nagar

2.      Learning Paths School, Sector 67, Behind Niper, SAS Nagar


The Gurukul, Savitri Greens -II, Zirakpur


“It is good to see children helping each other and this is the support and harmony we wish to inculcate amongst all kids right from grassroots level. This event definitely marks a great start to the new year”  added Pooja Prakash, Principal of KB DAV Sr. Sec. Public School, Chandigarh, from where the gifts of new woolens and ‘Thank U’ cards for the soldiers will be sent by middle of this December to Leh and Kashmir Valley.