Nathpa Jhakri project Rampur organises Rajbhasha seminar

Dec 03, 2016 16:05 | Feature & Viewpoint

Rampur(Jhakhri):3rd December 2016: Nishant Sharma:One day Rajbhasha Seminar was inaugurated by Sanjiv Sood GM SJVNL Jhakhari today. He urged the staff members to make all out efforts to ensure that the guidelines laid down by Govt of India for increase in use of Hindi be adhered to so that the we should give respect and right  place to our mother language in our day to day life.

The others who participated and shared their valuable thoughts were Prof Dr Krishan Kumar Kaushik, and associated Prof Dr Charanjit Singh Sachdev.

Chanderkant Prashar senior Manager  In his address, threw light upon the importance of Hindi as a link language of India and urged the members and all others to make all out efforts to ensure that the language be followed in daily routine and shall be given equal importance.

Dr Krishan Kumar and Dr Charanjit Singh also spoke on the occasion. They highlighted the value of Rajbhasha in our daily life and describe the importance of the language.