LPG theft racket busted

Sep 07, 2010 11:50 | Poltics

The District Kangra police has busted a racket in which LPG was being stolen in
an organised manner from cylinders being supplied from Jalandhar-based bottling plant
of the Indian Oil to the Baijnath and Shahpur areas of the district.
Kangra SSP Atul Fulzele said they had information regarding the racket which was
operating in the Damtal area of Kangra, near Pathankot. A raid was conducted last week
and four trucks carrying 330 LPG cylinders each were found parked at one of the hotels
in Damtal area.
The modus operandi was that the accused in the hotel were stealing LPG from the
cylinders being brought to the Baijnath and Shahpur areas. The gas was being transferred
into other cylinders from the filled cylinders loaded in trucks. The entire equipment used
for the purpose was confiscated from the hotel and taken into the police custody.
The police however detained the drivers of the trucks that were bringing LPG
cylinders to various agencies in Kangra district. Later, investigations revealed that the
accused were stealing 1 kg of LPG from each cylinder.

The SSP said investigation was still going on to verify from where the LPG cylinders
in which gas was being filled were brought. The cylinders were either in the custody of
users, agency holders or the company. The presence of large number of LPG cylinders in
which stolen gas was being transferred indicted to involvement of some agency holders
in the racket.
The SSP said anything further in the case could be said after investigations were