HPCC Elections Kaul Singh potential winner.

Sep 07, 2010 11:59 | Poltics

Kamal Chaudhary:
If reports in major newspaper are to be believed Mr Kaul Singh the present
congress Chief may have another shot at the post of Congress President thus paving the
way for group opposed to the steel minister having a major say in the affairs of congress
in the state. With stokes camp firmly behind Mr. Kaul Singh the once close associate of
Virbhadra Singh and his loyalist has turned against him and it will see an interesting
battle with in the congress in the near future. The nomination for the post of the
presidentship is to be filed on or before 12th September and 13th September followed by
scrutiny. The election is slated to be held either on 16th or 17th in case of a contest. As is
the practice whether it is congress or the BJP the ultimate decision rests with the high
command .The group opposed to Mr Kaul Singh led by the all powerful Virbhadra Singh
will make last ditch effort to stall the election of Sh. Kaul Singh but the wind is clearly
flowing in favour of Mr. Kaul Singh if insiders are to be believed. The camp led by
Virbhadra Singh has even floated the idea of either Dalit or OBC occupying the chair
which has found no takers at the central level. Mrs. Stokes on account of her proximity to
the high command at last has managed to clip the wings of Mr. Virbhadra Singh who has
on previous occasions made the other camp to bite the dust but in the present contest it
looks like that the camp led by Mrs Stokes is having a last laugh.