Story of Dalai lama escape from Tibet ,”The Great Escape” tonight on EPIC Channel

Jul 15, 2016 19:30 | Tibet News

Dharamshala (Arvind Sharma )The Great Escape was the escape of Dalai Lama from Tibet to India in 1959, when it was almost sure that the Chinese  Authorities shall put Dalai Lama behind bar before taking over the state of Tibet from the Tibetans.  The last journey of the Tibetan Religious Guru the Dalai Lama was picturised  in Hindi with the Title “The Great Escape”.  TV Channel EPIC is going to telecast the same tonight at 10 pm .

Having been recognized as the 14th Dalai Lama at the age of two, Lhamo Thondup’s reign as the spiritual and political leader began at a strained point in Chinese-Tibetan relations. Tibet’s religious leaders were constantly trying to avoid a full blown military takeover by the Chinese, who had began invading Tibetan territory since the communist revolution in China. By 1956, things had escalated to a point where the Dalai Lama and his ministers were trying to find a balance between the Chinese interference and the growing resentment of the Tibetan resistance fighters. In 1959, when the Chinese crackdown on Tibet seemed inevitable, and the Tibetan uprising had reached his palace in Lhasa, on the request of his ministers and based on the advice of the state Oracle, Dalai Lama escaped from Tibet with his family and a few close aides. Disguised in the garb of a soldier, the Lama made his way through the crowds in front of his palace and travelled for 15 days till he reached India. The story of his escape is about how the young Lama travelled through harsh terrains, surviving the constant threat of the Chinese sentry.

The film reveals his pain of leaving the motherland and the fear of the Chinese at the age of 24, when he travelled to India along with his 1 lack devotees. He later settled permanently in Mecleodganj  in Dharamshala India .

The film made by Rangrez films of Mumbai, by producer Nidhi Tuli and Ashraf. The Young Dalai Lama’s role was done bydelhi University Student  Tenzin Dalha , who acted in a Hollywood film Margareta too. Most of the other actors are the residents of Mecleodganj in Dharamshala . Film makers say that Dalai Lama’s brother and his office in Dharamshala helped a lot for the completion of this film .

Dive into a world of action, drama, determination and courage while reliving the greatest escape stories of our time in an all new mini-series ‘The Great Escape’. The show is based on true events and takes you on a thrilling ride of the most daring escapes from Indian history.

Epic , which is starting such escapes from tonight says that  each episode showcases a different escape story. Some of the stories covered in the series include, Sushmita Banerjee’s escape from the Taliban in Afghanistan, Dalai Lama’s escape from Tibet, Shivaji’s bold escape from the clutches of death from Aurangzeb and Nihal Singh, an Indian prisoner of war’s escape during the Indo-China war.

The mini-series even has some comments from the actual escapists like the Dalai Lama.

Each episode takes you to different locations across varied time periods. The stylizations of those eras, mixed with the thrill of escape keeps you hooked till the end.