HP government has cleared land to AIIMS: Virbhader Singh

Dec 06, 2016 20:12 | Poltics

Chief Minister,  Virbhadra Singh while addressing congress rally in Soldha, in Shri Naina Devi assembly constituency of Bilaspur district today announced an ITI for the area. He also announced mettaling of Triveni Ghat-Navgaon road and for handing over the road including the  Soldha road to PWD. He announced Starting of science classes in GSSS, Deoth. 

He said that the State Government had played its part in handing over the required land to AIIMS, a reputed health institution to be opened in the State but it was up to the union government to speed up the Forest clearance process and they may be knowing the reasons well for delaying the project. He said  that the State has progressed leaps and bound in successive congress regimes and as of now besides AIIMS sanctioned for the State three more medical colleges were being opened in the State, out of which the medical college at Nahan in district Sirmaur has started functioning.  He said  that the State government should get its due share from the centre in a prescribed fix ration as defined and it was the right of the State governments. It is the State government which provides land for implementing the centrally aided projects and if any Member of Parliament comes and says that not the state governemnt, but MP would inaugurate or lay foundation stones had no such right by merely saying that the project is centrally aided. 

He said that as of today Himachal had as many as 37000 kilometers of road length, besides, 100 percent electrification. 

Chairman, Twenty point programme implementation committee, Ram Lal Thakur, welcomed and honoured the Chief Minister and thanked him for dedicating projects worth rupees 11 crore in his constituency today. He also placed demands of the area before the Chief Minister. Speaking on the occasion he said that after 1985, since Shri Virbhadra  Singh came to State politics, the Bilaspur district witnessed, particularly Naina Devi Constituency witnessed massive development. He said that Ladaghat guest house, which was inaugurated today was opposed by BJP and the work was stopped literally. He also listed the other developments of the area and thanked  the Chief Minister for clearing back log social security pensions to all people  in July this year. He said that since the NDA came to power in the centre the prices of essential commodities including oil and pulses rose enormously but the State government was providing subsidised ration to the people of the State. He also thanked the Chief Minister for implementing housing schemes for the poor in the State. 

Ram Lal Thakur said that the propaganda of BJP to defame and destabilise Virbhadra Singh had strengthened the Chief Minister more. He urged that his constituency with half a dozen panchayats adjoining Arki constituency and around 14 Panchayats otherwise, have also been demanding an ITI for the area. He also urged for mettaling of Triveni Ghat-Navgaon road and also urged for handing over the road including  Soldha road to PWD. Shri Ram Lal Thakur also demanded Starting of science classes in GSSS, Deoth. 

Chief Parliamentary Secretary,Rajesh Dharmani, also spoke on the occasion. He blamed BJP for opposing GST and IT revolution during the UPA regime and said that the congress never did so and in fact supported the demonetization of currency for curbing Black money. He said that the social media has revealed that the move of demonetization was revealed much before to the few confident of BJP. In an oblique reference to a reputed industrial house, he said that the money was invested to provide mobile internet services to the people of India by a leading businessman, questioning that has anyone seen a businessmen giving free services. He credited the development including network of roads, health institutions, schools to the congress regimes in the state. The 'Digital India' was  the idea of late Rajeev Gandhi, the former Prime Minister, who dreamt of making India Digital much before the BJP thought of it.