33rd edition of the Mind and life conference begins in Dharamshala

Mar 12, 2018 16:25 | Feature & Viewpoint

Dharamshala (Arvind Sharma) 12/03/18

The six day ‘Mind and Life’ conference kicked off on Monday  in Upper Dharamshala near Dalai Lama’s residence with Dalai Lama’s introductory address  on the opening day. It is the 33rd edition of the conference and  13th time the conference is being  held in Dharamshala. The ‘Mind and Life’ institute was established in 1987. His Holiness the Dalai Lama, the Honorary Chairman of the Mind & Life Institute, flanked by a galaxy of scientists and scholars of multidiscipline commenced the 33rd Mind & Life Dialogue .

Over 200 noted scientists, educational specialists, Buddhist scholars and philosophers representing diverse disciplines have arrived  at main temple of Dalai Lama in upper Dharamshala.

For the next five days, the intellectual group will focus on education in light of Dalai lama’s  longstanding priority and deep commitment to secular ethics education initiatives.

Topic of conference is “Early Childhood Development and Social Emotional Learning”. The Dalai Lama said ,” the newly discovered fields on human emotions and mind by western science are 3000 years old in the ancient Indian context.”

82 year old Tibetan spiritual leader said , “ the two prime purposes of the discourse is to expand the understanding of the external and the internal phenomenon and to strive to enable peace and reduce the chaos that exists in the world.”

With the Dalai Lama and Director of Mind and Life institute Susan Bauer-Wu , Research Professor of Psychology and Psychiatry, Richard Davidson, noted Psychology and Child Development expert Michel Boivin and author of worldwide bestseller Emotional Intelligence Daniel Goleman will deliver their views in this conference .