Youth and COVID19

Jan 25, 2021 22:00 | Feature & Viewpoint

Dr. Anjali Chauhan:

 COVID 19 has brought our lives to a standstill. All the people around the world have been exposed to a “NEW NORMAL.”  This is where we are confined to our houses, localities due to social distancing norms. The schools have closed; work from home is the new culture.



The children, adolescents and the adults are stuck up at homes. The restaurants, malls, movie halls and public places for recreation are closed. There is a sense of insecurity for jobs, incomes, business, food, education and almost all spheres of lives. Many families have lost their dear ones.

We are ‘on pause.’ Despite this, adolescents everywhere are continuing to grow. The basic need of food, water, sex, security remains. Their sexual and reproductive health concerns do not vanish just because of lockdowns and disruptions.

Due to the diverse needs adolescents have differing and changing needs for SRH information and services. At this time when they have no access to their friends, community, schools etc we must protect them especially the vulnerable. It is our duty to empower them to make right decisions. We must provide them adequate skills to grow up happily.

For this we need to understand them and give them platforms to contribute in health programs.We need to engage young people responsibly. The COVID-19 crisis has provided us an opportunity to include them in this network. It’s time to ask them and generate evidences that shall make the basis of designing and planning strategies for their well being.

This way we can provide accessible, equitable, quality services. We must ensure to maintain the good work already done and build up a ladder to move higher in the future.