State Government committed for the upliftment of weaker sections of the society

Oct 16, 2016 20:58 | Health & Religion

Shimla: In order to ensure socio-economic upliftment of all sections of the society especially the scheduled castes/scheduled tribes, other backward classes and people of minority communities, various welfare programmes and schemes have been implemented by Himachal Pradesh State Government so as to bring these people to the mainstream and they get equal opportunities for their development. 

The State Government has constituted Gaddi, Gujjar, Gorkha and Labana Welfare Boards in order to ensure their speedy development by  effective implementation of schemes initiated for these communities thereby ensuring welfare of all, a target of the State Government could be achieved. 

The annual income limit has been enhanced from Rs. 20000 to Rs. 30000 to get benefit of  welfare schemes so that more eligile people could be brought under its ambit. 

For the socio-economic empowerment of old aged, widows and persons with special abilities, the social security scheme is being implemented effectively in the State under which the monthly social security pension has been enhanced from Rs. 450 to Rs. 650  during last 45 months. The persons above 80 years of age and those  above 70 percent  disability are provided pension of Rs. 1200 per month. Presently 363921 eligible persons are being provided social security pension in the State for which a provision of Rs. 35768.47 lakh has been made for current fiscal.

The State Government is providing financial assistance of  Rs. 75000 to those people of scheduled castes/scheduled tribes, other backward classes whon own land in their name for the construction of new house besides Rs. 25000 assistance is also given for carrying out renovation of old house. Under the scheme a target of 3167 houses has been fixed for the year 2016-17 for which  budget provison of Rs. 2368 lakh has been made. As many as 13241 houses were constructed during last three and half years.

Inter caste marriages are being encouraged so as to eredicate untouchability from the society. Rs. 50000 is provided to the general caste person  who marries Scheduled caste girl/boy.  More than 1400 persons have been benefitted during last 45 months under the scheme and a budget provision of Rs. 183 lakh has been for this year. 

  ' Mukhya Mantri Adarsh Gram Yojna' has been implemented in the State to provide road connectivity to scheduled castes habitated villages. Two villages from each assembly constituency having scheduled caste population is above 40 percent or over 200 persons are selected every year. Under the scheme Rs. 10 lakh is provided to each village for the construction of road and Rs. 1165 lakh budget provision has been made for the current financial year. 

The State Government is providing Rs. 1200 per month as computer training fees to the youths belonging to scheduled caste BPL families and also to those with annual income below Rs. 60000 of the same category. Apart from this, monthly scholorship of  Rs. 1000 is also being provided during the training. On the completion of training, the incumbents are deployed in governmental/non governmental institutions for getting efficiency in computer applications for six months and also provided monthly scholorship of Rs. 1500. Under the scheme a sum of Rs. 937.51 lakh has been spent during last three and half years and Rs. 533 lakh would be spent during current fiscal. 

The youth belonging to scheduled castes/scheduled tribes and other backward classes with annual income below Rs. 35000 and have got training from ITI or other training institute are provided a subsidy of RS. 1800 for purchasing sewing machine or other equipments so that they become self reliant. As many as 19000 persons have been benefitted under the programme during last 45 months whereas a trarget of benefitting 7472 persons has been fixed for this year. 

Constructive results of the programmes and policies initiated by the State Government are coming and the economic status of these people has also improved.