Shimla MP Request for funds for Renuka Dam funds

May 10, 2016 18:00 | Tourism


Shimla Member Parliament Sh Virender Kashyap today requested union water resources and river development minister Ms Uma Bharti to release additional  sum of Rs 1981.35 crore for carrying land acquisition and relief and rehabilitation works for renuka dam project in sirmour district of himachal pradesh and added that there are no funds available at present to execute this prestigous project of national importance which can permanently solve the water problem of national capital new delhi .
 He told union minister Ms Uma Bharti that allocation of Rs 50 crore made by union finance ministry in 2014-15 budget and in process of release by Delhi Jal Board Delhi has not been released yet for renuka project authorities .
He said that a total sum of Rs 272.85 crore has been spent on the project upto 31st Jan 2016 against total amount of Rs 239.84 crore given by Delhi and Haryana Govt and a sum of Rs 33.01 crore has been spent By HP Govt from its won  sources in pursuant of high court orders to release payment of landowners and told that there are no funds at present to execute the prestigious project of national importance .He requested for constitution of Renuka Dam Project Authority  to complete this project in time bound manner .He told that Renuka dam project is water storage scheme on Giri River in Himachal Pradesh which is part of Upper Yamuna Basins having seasonal live storage of 49800 hactare meter for continous supply of 23  cumecs water to Delhi .He told that project will generate hydro electricity of 40 MW during peak hours and requested her to take positive and concrete step for  early time bound completion of this project