“Climate change: Major cause for land turning into desert”

Apr 22, 2017 21:18 | Chandigarh

Earth Day Celebrated at Science City 

Chandigarh, April 22, 2017 (kulbir singh kalsi):  Deforestation, soil  erosion, soil fertility depletion, overgrazing, loss of biodiversity, water logging, salinity besides, ill planned urbanization, industrialization, socio-economic constraints and climate changes are major causes for land turning into desert.  This was expressed by Sandeep Sahijpal, Professor, Dept. of Physics on the occasion of Earth day at  Science City. The function  was jointly organized  by Ministry of Earth Sciences Govt. of India and  Pushpa Gujral Science City. 

 Further he said that Earth is a unique planet in our solar system as it is the only known place in our Universe where the life is definitely known to exist. The primitive form of life on our planet originated around 3.5 billion years ago essentially due to the substantial presence of liquid water on its surface.

The thrust of rapid growth and   over consumption of natural resources  by humans, specifically during the last couple of centuries, has resulted in drastic environmental changes that have substantially influenced the possible fate of the planet in terms of its life sustaining property, he added.

Stressing on lose of biodiversity he said, the Earth is made up of ecosystems and ecological features which are supported by biodiversity; yet many people do not understand the meaning of biodiversity or what the impact of its loss would mean. Biodiversity and ecosystems need to be protected in order to preserve the quality of life on Earth.

He opined that an integrated effort by all the countries of the world is necessary to solve this problem, there is hope that with education, compassion, and hard work we can bring about the necessary change to our environment and to leave a better world for our children that we inherited from our parents.

On this occasion, Dr. Rajesh Grover, Director, Pushpa Gujral Science city, said that every year we celebrate "Earth Day" to create public awareness about our role to protect Mother Earth in every possible way and a make a difference towards a healthy, prosperous and sustainable future. He asserted that if we all put our best foot forward to stop the rampant global warming, we can expect certain rewards in the future. There are solutions to global warming available today and its time we put them to use. These solutions will reduce the amount of heat-trapping gases that we emit into the atmosphere, he added.

On this occasion more than 300 students participated out of which special group of 160 students from Himachal Pradesh attended the function who were the winners of Space Olympiad 2016 (first two toppers from each participating school) organized by Educare India in the state of Himachal Pradesh for students of grades 5-12. The students were awarded the certificates.

The day was marked with competitions viz painting and debate. Result of The Competitions.

Painting: Harjinder Singh from DRV  DAV School Phillour got first prize, Suneha Sharma from SansKiriti KMV School Jalandhar stood second and Ashina from DIPS Urban Estate Jalandhar has received third prize.

Debate: Neoni  from st. Xabier’s School Bhatinda has clinched the first prize, Sunidi Sharma from DRV DAV School Phillour got second prize and third prize   went to Garima from Rudra International  School Una (Himachal Pardesh)