Promote Normal Deliveries with Lamaze Therapy

Apr 30, 2017 15:55 | Chandigarh

In study, data shows how C-section is more Elective than Necessary these days: Dr Bedi

Normal Deliveries with Lamaze Therapy shall be promoted

Bedi Hospital along with Family planning Association of India has taken the initiative to provide training to expected mothers about safe Normal Deliveries methods under the mission “Safe Mother Safe Family”

Chandigarh:In the wake of increasing trend of Cesarean deliveries amongst Tricity ladies, it is important to tell them the importance of Normal Deliveries. In this Bedi Hospital along with Family planning Association of India, Panchkula took an initiative to introduce Normal and Safe Deliveries methods by which Mother and Child could remain themselves safe and healthy.

After giving educative lectures to as many as 2500 working ladies of the Tricity over the past four years (2015-2017 Feb), under the mission of ‘Safe mother, Safe Family’, for the corporate sector, Dr G.K Bedi, former President and life member of Family planning Association of India, has given questionnaires to them. The results were that 60 per cent (1,500) working women wanted Caesarian deliveries only, 30 per cent (750) did not want to breast feed the child and 70 per cent (1750) of only wanted a single child.


Introducing Lamaze Therapy

Dr. GK Bedi explained that there was no such hospital that caters to the mother and child together, concerning two lives, thus involving a team of obstetricians, pediatricians, backed by highly advanced monitoring systems, newborn ICU and antenatal programmes like Lamaze therapy- A technique is to give women more confidence and even increased comfort during labor by teaching them certain breathing techniques and other coping mechanisms during the pregnancy, which they will then use when labor begins. It's possible that Lamaze breathing techniques simply have a placebo effect - they give the woman in labor a sense of control over her own birthing experience, and they help to distract her attention from the pain she is going through. Lamaze techniques are taught to pregnant women.


Dr Ramneek Bedi said  “Round the clock presence of senior gynecologist and pediatrician close to the maternity centre coupled with robust infrastructure, monitoring systems and advanced newborn ICU are the essential requirements in any maternity hospital to decrease the incidence of cesarean section without hampering the safety of both mother and child and efforts towards this goal start very early in the antenatal period, with proper conducting of delivery and post delivery care of child and mother.” More than 1/5th deliveries are preterm and 40% newborns need immediate and sophisticated care after birth.

The rate of caesarian section is also rising in tricity because of

  • Late marriages – medical disorders in pregnancy                            (Hypertension, Diabetes, Thyroid problems etc)
  • Lack of Pain tolerance/impatience – asking for C section
  • Astrology influence/ PLANNED C section for working couples
  • Late referrals of complicated deliveries
  • Lack of antenatal counseling for DANGER SIGNS
  • Working mothers not undergoing strengthening exercises.
  • Lack of training that promotes Normal Deliveries.


Reasons for Decreasing trend of Breast Feeding:

  • Lack of antenatal counseling – right feeding practices
  • Expectant mothers working till late antenatal period
  • Stress /anxiety/fatigue & lack of motivation
  • Presence of alternative choices
  • Advertisements promoting artificial feeds
  • Lack of family support due to Nuclear family
  • Delayed initiation- Traditions/ customs & myths
  • Inadequate diet intake (weight consciousness)
  • Lack of planning for baby care needs
  • Affluence & literacy- negative influence