Haryana CM congratulate PM for Gujrat and Himachal victory

Dec 18, 2017 18:10 | Haryana

Chandigarh, Dec 18–The Haryana Chief Minister, Mr. Manohar Lal, has congratulated the Prime Minister, Mr Narendra Modi, the party chief, Mr Amit Shah, and every one for the historical victory of the BJP in Himachal Pradesh and Gujarat elections, and hailed it as a victory of the people.
      Interacting with media persons here today, he said since 2012, BJP had been continuously winning the mandate of the people in the country and now the party is ruling in 19 states. In 2014, the BJP formed government in Haryana with full mandate. Since then, it has been running successfully under the guidance of the Prime Minister and Mr Amit Shah. 
       The increasing mandate of BJP is taking the country closer to the Prime Minister’s vision of Congress-free India, and the BJP would soon form government in those states also where the Congress is in power.
         “I see this victory as sign of a big change in the country. Since Independence, people have not experienced freedom. Rulers kept changing but independence does not mean changing rulers. Real freedom lies in having a transparent and graft-free system of governance in true spirit of Antyodaya”, he said.
          The BJP had worked with an eye on the poor, farmers, labour and people belonging to the weaker sections of society. The Congress Government never paid any attention to them.
           The Chief Minister said during the last three years, the BJP had undertaken various works on the call of the Prime Minister. BJP governments in various states have taken further the programmes launched by the Prime Minister in their own ways. The Haryana Government has also made some changes in the system in public interest and deliberations have been made on developing a new Haryana. Some targets have been fixed and the people would soon witness the results, he added. 
          The victory of BJP in both states has made it clear that people voted for the welfare policies implemented by the Central Government led by Mr Narendra Modi. Victory is victory. Though the party had got fewer seats in Gujarat, but vote percentage has increased, he added.
           The Chief Minister said, “On the call of the Prime Minister, discussion is being held on how to avoid elections every now and then. A new system should be developed under which all elections are held simultaneously. If such a call is made elections in most of states would be held along with the Lok Sabha and we are ready. We do not have any such agenda to hold elections along with the Lok Sabha polls, or when these are due. This entirely depends on the decision of the Centre”, he added.