Cut the salary of the MPs disturbing the parliament: Shanta Kumar

Feb 08, 2018 18:10 | Poltics

Dharamshala (Arvind Sharma) 08/02/18

BJP MP and the Ex CM of Himachal Mr Shanta Kumar has recommended the cut in the salary of the MPs . who are engaged in disturbing the working of the Parliaments . He said ,” It is becoming a regular practice to make continuous disturbance in the Lok Sabha, making it a laughing material for the viewers. It is really unfortunate.”

He wrote a letter showing his concern to the Madam Sumitra Mahajan Chairperson Lok sabha. He indicated in his letter that the prestige of the Indian political leaders are already on stake as the word ‘Leader’ does not bring the honour, as it(word leader) was in previous years.

“The honour of the political leaders is deteriorating with such behaviour of few MPs in the parliament, “he said. He said that this is harming the decor of the august house.

He said that few members are taking undue benefit of the decency of the chairperson. Shanta Kumsar requested Madam Sumitra Mahajan to be more tough on such MPs. He suggested the punishment of  NO WORK NO PAY on first instance for such MPs and then cut their pay for the entire month. “ And even than, if they continue to disturb the parliament they must be disqualified for the entire session,” he added