Horticulture cultivation: a boon for farmers in Haryana

Feb 18, 2018 18:00 | Haryana

Chandigarh, February 18-Horticulture cultivation is catching the fancy of farmers in Haryana. While many farmers are taking to horticulture, those already into it are bringing more acres under vegetables and fruits. Finding it more rewarding than the traditional wheat and paddy crops educated youth from the state and abroad are also making it their business choice. The Horticulture Department provides great support for the cultivation of vegetables.


    One such successful farmer, Kamaljeet Singh of Kotakchuchha village in Ambala District, said cultivation of vegetables and fruits was better and more rewarding than wheat and paddy. For, in the latter case, one has to wait for six months for the yield. His yearly income from cultivation of vegetables and fruits now works out to about Rs1.5 crore. 

                    Kamaljeet is a successful farmer today. Members of his family started vegetable cultivation in 1995 on their 30-acre farm. Today, they are growing vegetables on 40 acres.


“Cultivation of vegetables and fruits yields more profit than the cultivation of wheat and paddy, if one applies technical know-how.  I have adopted low-tunnel and micro irrigation methods of cultivation. With this method, crops like potato, chilly, musk melon, cucumber, cauliflower and onion can be cultivated. Cultivation of vegetables and fruits has made his yearly income increase to about Rs 1.5 crore. About 450 farmers of his block have been inspired by me and they have also started cultivating vegetables and fruits on 1,200 acres”, he added.


    In Ambala district, 2,490 hectares are under gardening, 27,978 under vegetable cultivation, 595 under spices, 36.6 under medicinal plants, and 5.2 under floriculture. Ambala accounts for 93,766 tonnes of mushroom production. 


       Similarly, another farmer Vikram Singh of Saipura village in Ambala District is cultivating vegetables on his 12 acres. He got associated with horticulture in 2003. Initially, he cultivated chillies on 6 kanals which fetched him an income of about Rs 75,000.


      Looking at the profit, he covered more area and is today cultivating vegetables on 12 acres. One acre produces 200 quintals of chilly and 60 quintals of coriander (dhaniya). His yearly income is between Rs 15 and Rs 20 lakh from the cultivation of vegetables. He is sending his produce to Azapur Mandi, Delhi. Inspired by his example, about 30 farmers are now cultivating vegetables on 70 acres.