Education Department Chandigarh provides platform to young entrepreneurs

May 24, 2018 17:17 | Chandigarh

Chandigarh, 24th May 2018: Education Department Chandigarh Administration has organized an Exhibition-cum-Sale of Children, Teenagers, Ladies Garments and Hand Painted, Block & Screen Printed Linen, Dupattas and other items prepared by 10+2 Fashion Designing & Clothing Construction and Textile Designing & Printing Vocational Course students at Kisan Bhawan,  Sector-35, Chandigarh for two days i.e. 24th  May and 25th  May, 2018. The inauguration of the Exhibition-cum-sale was done by Sh. B.L Sharma, IAS, Education Secretary, U.T., Chandigarh today.


Fashion Designing & Clothing Construction Vocational Course is being offered in 9 Govt. Sr. Sec. Schools and Textile Designing & Printing Vocational Course is being offered in 2 Govt. Sr. Sec. Schools.  The items displayed in this Exhibition-cum-Sale have been prepared by the students in the school workshop.  Real work situation is created in the school workshop and the students work under the supervision of their teachers, creating designer items every day.  During these days students put the skills of designing, cutting and tailoring to practice and produce variety of items for various age groups and tastes. Similarly, students of Textile Designing & Printing, with fine strokes of brush created beautiful Suits, Sarees, Duppattas and other linen items. 


To develop the entrepreneurship skills in the students, they are involved in the process of production, right from the first stage of purchasing the material to the last stage of finishing of an item.  Cost calculation of each item is also done by the students and finally the items are packed nicely for display in the Exhibition-cum-Sale.


To add more colour to the Exhibition-cum-Sale and to give an opportunity to maximum number of students of various Vocational Courses to participate in this event, students of Health Care & Beauty Culture, Hotel Management & Catering Technology, Food and Beverage Service and Bakery & Confectionery Vocational Courses also participated in it. Students of Health Care & Beauty Culture have put up stalls of Herbal cosmetic items such as face packs, creams, lotions etc. learnt and prepared by them during their course of On the Job Training.


Students of Hotel Management & Catering Technology, Food and Beverage Service and Bakery & Confectionery vocational courses had put up stalls of food items popular with the students such at pocket friendly prices catering to the participating students in the premises.


In all, this Exhibition-cum-Sale is an effective platform for the students of various vocational courses to practice their entrepreneurial skills and come face to face with the customers.  The pocket friendly prices of all items attract large number of people to this Exhibition-cum-Sale.                                                                                                 

Thus this event is also a medium to popularize Vocational Courses at 10+2 stage amongst masses and to bring awareness in public about this job oriented education wherein after doing any vocational course at 10+2 stage a student is trained enough to get engaged in wage or self employment. Approximately 500 students from various Govt. Sr. Sec. Schools offering Fashion Designing, Textile Designing, Hotel Management & Catering, Bakery & Confectionery and Food Service Management and Health Care & Beauty Culture are participating in the event.


It is also to highlight that 102 students have been placed under various vocational courses like Health and Beauty Studies, Fashion Designing and Garment Technology, Stenography and Computer Application with a pay grade of 4000 (min)- 50,000 (max).