Chandigarh Innovation Living Lab,will solve all the pertaining problems

May 24, 2018 17:21 | Chandigarh

Chandigarh 24th May 2018: To address the multi-faceted issues of Government Departments, Technical and other Academic Institutes, Industries and citizens, Chandigarh Administration has created a platform “Chandigarh Innovation Living Lab” (CHILL). Here Government Departments, Technical and other Academic Institutes, and Industries will work together and promote innovative solutions to the problems faced by citizens and administrative departments. This will not only reduce the cost and time lapse for seeking out solutions but will also increase the efficiency of implementation of smaller to medium scale problems faced by the administrative departments.

The objective of the Innovation Living Lab will not be limited to the IT solutions only but will cover the wider aspects of providing the SMART Management solutions, Business Process Re-engineering in user friendly and innovative form.

The Chandigarh Innovation Living Lab (CHILL) will oversee the entire process of problem identification, solution identification, and solution development, solution testing in the live environment and then rolling out the solution for wider application. The living lab will not only provide solution to the problems faced by the departments and citizens acutely but also help in new project development and entrepreneurship. It can result into some innovative and entrepreneurial projects from the students of colleges in and around Chandigarh. 

At State level there will be State Steering Committee of Chandigarh Innovation Lab under the Chairmanship of Secretary Technical Education and heads of administrative departments as members. There will be three representatives from industry also. The responsibility of this Committee would be to lay down the broad policy objective, strategies, financing governance model to promote U.T. Chandigarh Living Lab development, to review progress of activities relating to development of U.T. Chandigarh Living Lab and provide mid-course corrections, including changes in part or whole of for development and implementation of U.T. Chandigarh Living Lab and to orchestrate public sector/private sector initiative in a framework of collaborative action. This committee will be assisted by an Executive Committee which will be having Director PEC, Principal, CCET (Degree Wing), CEO IISER, Dean IIT Ropar, Associate Director ISB, Project Leader Bio Nest, PU, Scientist CSIO, one faculty from PEC, Senior Adviser Mckinsey and Company and Dean Alumni Corporate Relations as Convener. Major responsibilities of Executive Committee would be to guide overall implementation and monitoring of Chandigarh Innovation Living Lab Scheme, Coordination between the Government departments/industries/academic institutions to solve the problems envisaged under Chandigarh Innovation Living Lab.

This Chandigarh Innovation Living Lab (CHILL) will provide a platform for promotion of innovation in Chandigarh Administration. The gap between technical institutions, industries and administration would be filled up through this Living Lab. This will not only provide quick and low cost solution to the problems of the department/citizens but also will be replicated in other Government departments. CRIKC (Chandigarh Region Innovation and Knowledge Cluster) would be the Nodal Agency for academia whereas Department of Technical Education would be Nodal Department from Administration for the implementation of Chandigarh Innovation Living Lab (CHILL).