Encroachment of Food sellers near Cricket stadium Dharamshala removed by administration

May 21, 2018 17:05 | Poltics

Dharamshala (Arvind Sharma) 21/5/18

A team of the Dharamshala administration under the leadership of Sub divisional Officer (Civil), Dharmesh Ramotra today vacated the unauthorised encroachment from the road square area near HPCA Cricket Stadium and building of temporary Central University in Dharamshala. These encroachments were made by lots of food vendors and fadi-rehdy dwellers, who caters for the visitors of Cricket stadium and the students of the various educational institutions spread around.

SDM said that these encroachers were removed with the warning that if they this ,will be prosecuted. He said that these small business dwellers were multiplying rapidly and with the vehicular parking around them has become dangerous for smooth traffic flow, as lot of jams were becoming hazardous for thousands of students and others.

Ramotra said ,” the HPCA aourities have also been instructed to open gate no 1 for its visitors instead of gate number 2, whose approach is through the several education institutions, and has become unsafe for students due to excess of traffic.”