People indulge in corruption and don't focus on moral ethics: Dalai Lama

Sep 01, 2011 10:54 | Poltics

Dharamshala/Arvind Sharma

“Whether you are a believer or not, moral ethics is very important. In Buddhism, we must work on ourselves and proceed along the path” said Dalai Lama in Dharamsala on Wednesday. The spiritual leader of Tibet, was addressing the gathering in the second day of his teaching at the main temple in McLeod Ganj. He showed his concern about the corruption in countries that are materially developed and said, “People indulge in corruption and don't focus on moral ethics. Buddhists must transform their mind," he said.


In his teachings on the text, A Guide to the Bodhisattva Way of Life Dalai Lama talked about how attachment and desire have their basis in the biological body. "Disturbing emotions disrupt our peace of mind," he said. "They can also disturb our health. Train your mind to have virtuous thoughts," he advised. "If you are happy, the elements in your body will be in harmony," he said. "See reality objectively without fear and anxiety--this can happen if the mind is calm." He commented on the importance of developing morality. He feared that most of the Tibetans, who live in different parts of the world, are losing their morality and traditional values. Dalai Lama spoke  over the allotted time, laughed as he finished his teachings on 2nd day, advising everyone, in English, to get a "good rest. Go, good sleep," he laughed.


Visitors from around the world attended the teachings.

Dalai Lama will conclude the teachings on Thursday  morning.