CM participates in Tibetian Democracy day

Sep 02, 2011 17:08 | Poltics

Covayed Greetings of Gadkari And Advani

Democratic system of governance was above all other systems :Dhumal

Dalai Lama a true democrat and magnanimous people’s leader :Dr. Sangay

Dharamshala/Arvind Sharma, 2nd September   

Prof. P K Dhumal , Chief Minister Himachal  called Tibetan Democracy  Day as an historic day. Dhumal was speaking on this fuction organized by the CTA of Tibetans in Exile at Dharamsala.  He  conveyed the greetings to the Tibetans on behalf of the National BJP President, Shri Nitin Gadkari and senior leader Shri Lal Krishan Advani on the auspicious occasion.    He said that he had been the member of the Tibetan Parliamentary Forum.  He supported the decision of the Dalai Lama of heading as Spiritual leader of Tibetans to uphold the democratic values.  He said that such a decision had strengthened the pious institution of Dalai Lama and democratic system.  He said that religion had to be interpreted with duty. 

Prof. Dhumal said, “democratic system of governance was above all other systems”.  He greeted the Tibetans living in exile on the 51st anniversary of democracy day of Tibet.  He narrated the democratic approach adopted by Dalai Lama at the young age of  17 years which got strengthened with the passage of age.  He said that Dalai Lama was symbol of peace which had won him Nobel Peace Prize. He said that Lama was one of the selected few spiritual leaders who adopt the values they preach among their devotees.  He said,” people of Himachal were proud of having the Dalai Lama with them in Dharamshala which had turned into an international spiritual destination to the Buddhist devotees.”

Chief Minister lauded the endeavour of the Tibetan Administration for coming forward to contribute towards tacking the issues relating to the global warming and climate change.  He said that environmental experts had warned the mountaneous regions the world over of getting worst affected with the change in climate.  He lauded the contribution of the people of Himachal Pradesh in implementing the ban on use of plastic and its bye-products, which had been instrumental in protecting the ecology.  He said that the State of HP had entered into an agreement by signing an MOU with the World Bank and getting sanctioned the biggest Carbon Credit Project in the world for a tiny state like HImachal Pradesh.  He appealed to the people to come forward and protect the ecology for the coming generations by shunning anti-environment habits.


Dr. Lobsang Sangay, Prime Minister of the Tibetan Government in Exile, welcomed the Chief Minister and other dignitaries and greeted them on the 51st democracy day of Tibetan Government in Exile.   He paid his tribute to the spiritual leader the Dalai Lama, whose vision of a democratic and secular Tibetan society was poised to be realized.  He called the Dalai Lama a true democrat and magnanimous people’s leader.    He delved upon the democratic background of Dalai Lama and his constant endeavour to vouch for the interests of the tibetans in exile.   He said that election to the post of Prime Minister were held in a pure democratic manner.  He expressed graefulness towards the government and people of Himachal Pradesh and thanked for the love and affection showered upon tibetans living in Himachal Pradesh.


Penpa Tsering, Speaker, Tibetan Parliament in Exile, paid his heartful gratitude to the Tibet Support Groups around the world, the parliamentarians, heads of the governments and particularly central and the State Governments of India and its people for providing tibetans with a second home for over half a century.  He spoke over the struggle Tibetans faced to maintain democratic system in Tibetan Government in exile under the leadership of the Nobel Laureate His Holiness the Dalai Lama.