HRTC Nahan short of staff

Jul 04, 2012 19:06 |

S.P,Jerath:Nahan :-  Himachal  Road  Transport  Corporation  (HRTC) District  Sirmour is  running  short  of  35  conductors  and  same number  of  drivers  due  to  which  all 120  routes  within district, state  and  out  of  state  are  not  fully  covered . Most  of  the local  routes  within  district  of  remote  areas  are effected  due to  defective  buses  which  generally  went  out  of  order on the way  of  their destination. The  passengers  off and  on  lodged complaints  that  the  conductors  never  returned  the  balanced amount  of  remaining  distance and  they  had  to  go  on  foot  to travel up-to  their destination.
 Regional  Manager  HRTC District  Simour  confirmed  that  this district  was  running  short  of  drivers and  conductors  and  more than 20  old  buses  had  been  on  road  to  serve  the  passengers within  district.  He said  that  30  new  buses  had  been  required to  maintain  regular  proper  services  for  the  passengers. He said  that  at  present  120  total  routes  were  being  covered with  86  buses  out  of  which  more  than  20  buses  had  been old. He  said  that  25  routes  out  of state  being  covered  which considered  to be  in profit.  He  said  that  3  to  5  routes  were not  covered  for  other  states  due to  short  of  buses.  He  said that  in case  new  buses  provided  to  this  region, it  could  be
able  to  earn  profit  very  shortly.