SAD-BJP combine will win all the 13 Lok Sabha seats: Kamal Sharma

Mar 01, 2014 22:45 |

Congress is a sinking ship-Smriti Irani

JALANDHAR, March 1  – Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh who proved his mental as the best economist of the world had become a destructive force for the economy of the country. This was stated by BJPs’ national vice president and Rajya Sabha member Smriti Irani here today. She was addressing a conference of the intellectuals organized by the Chartered Accountants Cell of the BJP.

She said that the wrong economic policies of the Congress led UPA government had put the economy of the cou8ntry in a mess. The industry irrespective of the fact that whether it was micro, small or heavy had come to the verge of collapse.25% of the small and medium industrial units inth3e country fad already closed. The congress instead of rendering help to keep such units functioning is focusing on the statistics that they remain stable at this percentage.

Accusing congress for high inflation, she said that whenever the congress leadership or the Prime Minister was asked about the reasons behind price rise, only one universal reply comes from them that inflation was due to increase in the prices at the international level. But when one comes face to face with the statistics, astonishing facts came to limelight. The inflation rate in the international level is noticed only 3% whereas the prices in India of vegetables, fruits and other eatables are indicative of 200 to 300 % price rise.

She said that the agriculture sector was facing 60 % unemployment. Youth had no opportunities to adopt agriculture avocation due to poor gains.

The UPA government is deep necked in corruption. It is involved in major scams of multi thousand crores like 2-G spectrum, Coalgate and Common Wealth Games. With the passing of every day, a news scam of the UPA surfaces. She said that had not such scams were allowed and the money involved in these scams was utilized for the development of the country, the country had regained its status of  “Golden Sparrow” it had once enjoyed.

Referring to the announcements and promises being made with the youth and people of the country about providing jobs and employment to 50 crore people of the country by the congress during next 20 years, she ridiculed that the party perhaps did not know that it was going out of power in the next two months. She claimed that the congress party was a sinking ship and that is why, the political outfits which were hand in glove with congress are deserting it on one reason or the other.

Commenting on the proposal of BJP’ ’ Prime Ministerial candidate Narinder Modi for the creation of 100 new cities in India, she said that Modi had a vision that the population of India was likely to inflate by 60 crore by 2030 and that is why he had a plan to create 100 new cities so that the additional population was not deprived of appropriate and strong infrastructure and did not affect other cities to accommodate inflated population.

Stressing upon the need of girl education she said that due to education only, the mortality rate of women and children could be controlled and reduced.

She blamed UPA government for discriminating with the non congress ruled states with regard to allocation of funds for developmental projects.

She said that it was the UPA government which refused to grant financial help to Nirbhaya’s family who was gang raped and hacked to death with a reason behind that if her family was provided help, the credit would go to the state government. She said that there was a fund of Rs.209 crore with the government for the victimized women but in the race of getting credit, the family of Nirbhaya was not provided any financial help.

 She said that such government was likely to be shown door. She appealed to the people to vote for Modi as he is the ray of hope for the redressal of problems faced by the country and its people.

She said that after visiting Jalandhar today she was had become assured that the 272+ mission of the BJP would cross to 300+ and no power of the world will stop Modi to become the Prime Minister of India.

State BJP chief Kamal Sharma presided over the conference and assured Irani that the SAD-BJP combine will win all the 13 Lok Sabha seats of the state to contribute its share in the formation of NDA government led by Modi. Manoranjan Kalia also addressed the gathering.