Arvind Kejriwal again attacked in New Delhi

Apr 04, 2014 14:37 | Poltics

New Delhi:4th April 14: Ahter finishing the political rally the AAP party leader Arvind kejriwal was today attacked by a person.

This has become a routine for the people to hit the political figures for nothing.

If we see the past we will find that in most of the cases the reasons are not satisfactory and they in frustrations do all this.

Aam Aadmi Party supporters pounced on the unknown attacker and roughed him up before he was taken to a nearby police station.

Kejriwal said later that he was punched while he was seeking votes for the AAP in south Delhi's Dakshinpuri area.

The former Delhi chief minister urged his supporters not to retaliate violently.

"We are fighting for truth and honesty... Let them (our critics) attack us. We should not hit back," he said