Mukesh Agnihotri takes on Dhumal for his remarks

Apr 08, 2014 12:10 | Poltics

UNA:Ridiculing the statement of former chief minister, prem kumar dhumal regarding overthrowing the present congress government after 16 may Industries and parliamentary affairs minister in a statement issued here today has advised sh dhumal to study the constitutional provision thoroughly. He said that the statement given by dhumal reflects his dictatorial attitude and he should well understand that india is a democratic country where governments are formed in democratic manner and by the people, for the people and of the people and not of any particular person.

Agnihotri advised prem kumar dhumal to refrain from misguiding the people by airing false claims of destabilising the present government in the state. He said that the government would complete its full five year term as the people of the state has given full mandate to the party. He alleged that dhumal should stop seeing dreams in daytime and should rather accept the fact and introspect by the BJP was rejected by the people of the state in vidhan sabha elections and stop issuing baseless and unfounded statements to overthrow the government which has been democratically constituted.

He said that prem kumar dhumal need to study the constitution, questioning him that “ how a democratically elected government can be ousted out of power on the basis of frivolous claims”. He said that projecting one one as primeminister and publicizing him as if he was a messiah and creating euphoria amongst the people was not going to pay BJP in the centre as well as in the State.

The minister said that the cases of corruption against the leaders of BJP were their deeds of the past and now are haunting them.  Law will take its own course. Every one in the state is well aware of the fact that dhumal crossed all limits by flouting the rules and regulations for benefitting the HPCA which is being headed by his son keeping aside the interest of the state and its people.  In the present context the dhumals are trying to divert the attention of the people by blaming others for their misdeeds.

the minister said that congress has achieved many milestones in one year of its regime and has provided corruption free environment to the people of the State. the State government has worked for welfare of every section of the society and has provided many opportunities of employment to the youth of the state added he.