Wave in favour of Congress in Haryana: Hooda

Apr 08, 2014 19:33 | Haryana

Rohtak, April 8- The Haryana Chief Minister, Mr Bhupinder Singh Hooda, has said that there is a perceptible wave in favour of the Congress unleashed by the all-round development brought about by the state government, and that the party will win all the ten Lok Sabha seats in Haryana.

Addressing several public meetings on the last day of campaigning in the Rohtak Lok Sabha constituency today, Mr Hooda said, "There is competition between the politics of development and honesty and the politics of loot and falsehood in Haryana. The people have to act responsibly and take appropriate decision keeping in view their larger interests." He expressed the confidence that the Congress would  win all the Lok Sabha seats in Haryana.

Mr Hooda said that during the last nine years, not only all-round development had taken place in the state but also the politics had taken a new progressive turn. But during the tenure of the INLD Government, the politics of loot and fraud prevailing in the state and people belonging to every section of the society were dissatisfied and unhappy. Ever since the Congress formed the government, everybody has been given the right to put forth his/ her suggestions, the Chief Minister added.

 Mr Hooda urged the people to vote for development and the government which had brought it about and taken decisions for their welfare. The people of the state are against the INLD as they did not want the rule of terror and fear to return.

Referring to the issue of adoption of the Gujarat model for the entire country, he said that the claims of Gujarat had been exposed. Figures make it clear that Haryana had outclassed and outshone Gujarat in terms of development.

Mr Hooda said that in 2009 the Congress was described as a weak party but it emerged victorious by winning 90 per cent of the seats in Haryana. This time also the Congress Party would do an en core by winning at least nine out of ten seats.