Vijay Dev,Advisor to the Administrator inaugurates Aadichitra

Feb 02, 2015 19:35 | Chandigarh

Chandigarh, Feb. 2:- Tribal Cooperative Marketing Development Federation of India Ltd. (TRIFED) – an organization under the Ministry of Tribal Affairs, Government of India has collaborated with the Government Museum & Art Gallery, Chandigarh Administration to present AADICHITRA - A Tribal Paintings & Arts of India Exhibition  a unique collection of  Tribal Paintings, Dhokra Metal Craft , Longpi stone pottery at GOVERNMENT MUSEUM & ART GALLERY, Sector-10 C, Chandigarh from 2nd  to 7th February,  2015. The Tribal artists will give demonstration of their technique during these days.

 Sh.Vijay Dev,I.A.S. Advisor to the Administrator, Union Territory of Chandigarh  inaugurated the exhibition.

Tribal Cooperative Marketing Development Federation of India Ltd. (TRIFED) is an agency of the Government of India under Ministry of Tribal Affairs, which is primarily engaged in the development and marketing of tribal traditional products including handicrafts and natural products. TRIFED aims to improve the livelihoods of the tribal communities by creating a sustainable market and create business opportunities for them based on their culture, knowledge and traditional skills whilst ensuring fair and equitable remuneration.

Tribal paintings invariably depict positive themes and every little thing in life and imagination as subject, ranging from religious to secular, from Gods and Goddesses to cattle and crow, life cycles of birth, death, marriage, farming, celebration, harvest and five basic elements of Mother Earth. These themes and subjects are presented with such immaculate precision that the purity and unadulterated love of tribals for the nature evolves into a unique style that reflects the history and culture of the respective tribe.  It is this uniqueness which we is being projected through this Tribal Art Exhibition.

This Tribal Art exhibition is an excellent blend of artistic ecstasy, cultural confluence and emergence of new opportunity.  The encouragement, participation and valued guidance of art lovers will be an inspiration for budding artists and talented tribal artists so that they not only carry forward the tradition of tribal art, but also enriching it and keeping it alive.

The idea is not only to bring tribal paintings from the oblivion to the mainstream of art and help tribal artists in earning their livelihoods, but also to restore, preserve and reinforce the tribal art in its forte so that the traditional form, flow and flavour undergo least dilution. This exhibition presents creative expressions of tribal artists belonging to Gond, Bhil, Muria, Rathwa, Saura and Warli tribes of Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh Gujarat, Orissa and Maharashtra respectively. Besides there are on display  Dhokra metal craft predominantly from Chhattisgarh made by Gadba tribe and Longpi Stone Pottery from Manipur made by Thankul Naga tribe. 

With the passage of time and pace of development, the tribal artists are also exposed to technological development and communication revolution. In present times they do not seem to afford using traditional mode which calls for painting on the rock by using natural colour or drawing a picture on the cow dung smeared wall by rice powder solution.  Undoubtedly, these are original expressions of the core theme but today the pursuit of these modes are not likely to give the artist a living by which he can continue his work.  So there has to be a trade-off between protection and preservation of the Art form in its aesthetic essence and propriety vis-à-vis the livelihood, security and sustainability of the tribal artist. 

TRIFED has made a humble effort of promoting the tribal artists in marketing their arts on one hand and providing hand holding on market-led modules on the other. They can then make a decent living by creating art works in suitable model medium and selling through different marketing channels of their choice including TRIBES INDIA.

As part of its marketing initiatives, TRIFED has already established a chain of 29 unique showrooms called “TRIBES INDIA” across the country.  TRIFED has also been organizing exhibitions called “Aadichitra” and “Aadishilp” at different locations for promoting sales of tribal art and craft items in different States.

TRIFED through these initiatives is striving to associate more and more of tribals and develop their product-line for marketing through its network of TRIBES INDIA showrooms and souvenir shops so that benefit of TRIFED’s operations reaches maximum number of tribals. 

The tribal art works presented at this exhibition are deeply rooted in tribal traditions and yet have a lively interaction and response to a rapidly changing socio-economic environment of the society.  These works are not just pure piece of unique art but an excellent medium to assert one’s love for nature, faith in its rich heritage and the commitment to the cause associated with it.

During the 1980s, a few names like Jivya Soma, Jangar Singh, Jaideo Baghel, Bhuri Bai and Pema Fatya made their presence felt in national and international arena of art on their own.  In 1990s and 2000s, tribal artists supported by TRIFED like Rameswar Munda and Paresh Rathwa have also been able to prove their mettle. Today, TRIFED is extending institutional support to such initiatives so that more and more talented young tribal artists can come forward. 

Beside tribal art and craft, TRIFED is assisting tribals in more ways than one by providing skill upgradation trainings to tribal people which is an integral part of our marketing initiatives. TRIFED provides trainings to the tribal artisans in design development and skill enhancement so as to create a pool of captive suppliers and add new handicrafts and handloom items to its product line from the various tribes of the country.

TRIFED also organizes training workshops for improving the skill & knowledge of tribals in scientific collection, processing, storage of Minor Forest Produce (MFPs) like Honey, Gum Karaya, Mahua Flower, Lac etc. which enable them to enhance quantity and quality of their MFP collection.