Raid on Local Offices, Companies, owned stores of mobile tower companies

Aug 06, 2015 18:40 | Chandigarh

Chandigarh, 6th August, 2015: As per the directions of DC-cum-Estate Officer, U.T., Chandigarh, a joint team of Enforcement Wing, Building Branch and Excise & Taxation Department under the supervision of Sh. Prince Dhawan, IAS, SDM (C)-cum-Assistant Estate Officer and Sh. Bhupesh Chaudhary, IAS (P), conducted a raid on the local offices/Company owned stores of the Mobile Tower Companies in the jurisdiction of UT, Chandigarh.  Accordingly, the following offices/stores sealed due to glaring tax evasion, building violation and misuse of premises:-

1.      Airtel Office, IT Park, Chandigarh.

2.      Reliance, DLF Building, IT Park, Chandigarh.

3.      Company store of Tata Docomo in Sector 9, Chandigarh.

4.      Company store of Idea Cellular in Sector 35, Chandigarh.

5.      Company store of Vodafone in Sector 35, Chandigarh.

In this connection it is pertinent to note that earlier in pursuance to the Mobile Tower Policy notified by the Chandigarh Administration on 09.03.2015, all Mobile Tower Companies were directed vide Notice bearing Memo.No.896-904/SDO (B)/Mobile Tower/2015 dated 29.6.2015  to relocate their Mobile Towers with conformity as per present mobile tower policy notified after getting the necessary permission from the Competent Authority with paying prescribed fee within one month. It was also directed to the Mobile Tower Companies in the aforesaid notice to supply a complete list with addresses of all mobile tower already installed under the jurisdiction of Chandigarh. It was also made clear that if any tower installed at the residential are under the jurisdiction of Chandigarh, remove the same immediately failing which necessary action will be taken against the defaulter.

                        Whereas lukewarm response was given by the Mobile Tower Companies in compliance to the said Notice dated 29.6.2015, but taking a lenient view all tower companies were served with notice dated 21.7.2015 to attend meeting on 24.7.2015 at11.30 a.m. in the office of the undersigned. But no proper response given this time again. 

                        Whereas all the companies operating Mobile Towers on various buildings situated within the jurisdiction of Chandigarh, were directed vide Memo. No. 1120-30/SDO(B)/Mobile Tower/2015 dated 3.8.2015 to attend the meeting personally under the Chairmanship of the undersigned in the Conference Room, First Floor of DC Office, UT, Chandigarh.  It was also directed to the said Mobile Tower Companies to bring alongwith a complete list of all mobile towers installed by the said companies in Chandigarh jurisdiction.

 It was also conveyed in the above said final notice dated 3.8.2015 that it was the last notice and in case of their failure to attend the said meeting it will be presumed that they have nothing to say in the matter and action shall be taken as per norms of the Mobile Tower Policy, under the relevant provisions of Rules, which includes the removal of existing unauthorised towers.

It is pertinent to mention here that the above said meetings with the company heads were specifically arranged to be held for the convenience of Mobile Tower Companies so that they may get their Mobile Towers regularised under the terms of new Mobile Tower Policy and to also obtain feedback about the New Mobile Tower Policy.

                        Further in meeting held on 5.8.2015,final deadline was given to all companies to submit a complete list of all mobile towers located in Chandigarh latest by 4.30.p.m. on 5.8.2015.

                        However as reported by SDO (B), none of the companies have given any list so far. This clearly shows that the companies are not interested in engaging with the Administration or abiding by the rule of law.

In view of the above irresponsive attitude of the Mobile Tower Companies in the matter, the undersigned hereby order to seal the office premises of various Mobile Tower Companies functioning within the jurisdiction of Chandigarh till they supply the list of all Mobile Towers installed by those companies within the UT, Chandigarh. This decision has been taken keeping in mind the public interest at large. Otherwise it was clearly mentioned in the letter dated 3.8.2005 that unauthorised Mobile Towers existing in the Chandigarh jurisdiction will be removed. However such removal would affect telecom services in the city and cause great inconvenience to public at large hence the above premises are ordered to be sealed with immediate effect till directions issued vide letter No.896-904/SDO (B)/Mobile Towers/2015 dated 29.6.2015 are fully complied with. 

The de-sealing of these premises would only be done once these mobile service providers provide details of their installed mobile towers.