Cloudburst kills 5 in Mandi

Aug 08, 2015 21:00 | CrimeMishappenings

Mandi: People of Himachal Pradesh is facing regular cloudburst at various places and this has created many problems in their lives.

Today also  five persons were killed and around 8 are missing when a cloudburst occoured at Dharmpaur in Mandi.

Five people, including two women, were buried alive when two houses collapsed at Sakeraini village near Dharampur, 80 km from Mandi, early in the morning. As per the sources,three bodies have been retrieved from the debris and one person was washed away in the flashflood following the cloudburst.

“Heavy rain in the area has damaged roads, making remote villages inaccessible.

Many parts of Himachal Pradesh are facing heavy rainfall since Friday night, reportedly causing waterlogging in Kullu, Manali, Shimla, and Mandi.

Following the cloudburst this morning, Dharmpur, bus station is submerged in water and four buses have been washed away. There were no passengers in the bus. Traffic has been disrupted in Dharampur and six people are still stranded at the bus station. Two houses have collapsed in a nearby village. 

It is difficult for the district administration to take the rescue operations as the river sone which is the rivulet of Beas river is overflowing and every thing around the busstand is washed away in this.