PWD dept and contractors at Rampur paying no heed towards development works

Sep 01, 2016 20:04 | Poltics

Rampur: Meenakshi Bhardwaj:1st September 2015: PWD contractors at Rampur are enjoying the patronage of PWD officials. The nexus between them has brought the development work to standstill. Only work that is being carried out is which has their own interest and pending works of the shabby and decaying buildings and other development works are kept on hold.

The pending structure work of the side wall of Padam singh senior secondary school building is an example of the lackluster attitude of the department and of the contactors. They are waiting to get it damaged so that they can get more money for the work. This is stated by the Harish Chander Laktu who was the ex councilor from Rampur. He further said that already Rs 10 lacs are sanctioned for this work but so far there is no head way done to this work. This shows the conspiracy between the contractors and the department.

He also raises the issue of the construction done at the HRTC bus stand. In the rainy seasons water logging creates problem for the commuters. Had the proper drainage system was done than this might have solved the problem? The corruption within the department is the main issue and government should act fast so that the culprits will be booked and pending work shall commence on time.