Congress will tell the public about BJP’s false propaganda of National Highways in the state... Jitendra

Sep 13, 2020 18:10 | Poltics

Dharamshala (Arvind Sharma) 13/9/20

Congress State Spokesperson Jitendra Sharma said that, in Himachal Pradesh, the issues on which  BJP attained power and formed a government  are now being eliminated one by one , with the passage of time and the public has become speechless on being found cheated.

Jitender Sharma said that firstly the party is raising the issue of National highways. He said , “ Before the Legislative Assembly elections in Himachal, Shri Nitin Gadkari ji, the Minister of Surface and Transport Department of the Central Government, announced 69 new  National Highways (@ 65000 thousand rupees) ,for the state in a hurry, and promised that as soon as the formation of the BJP Government is completed in HP ,the network of these roads will start spreading in the State. He authenticated his promise with the clarification that there is already a BJP government in the Centre, and there is no reason for unfulfilling the promise.”

He said that now these road projects are vanishing from the state. He further said that   it seems,  the  65000 thousand rupees has now been shifted towards Tamilnadu and Kerala because the government in Himachal Pradesh has already been formed and now two important Vidhan Sabha elections are awaited in these southern states.

 Congress spokesperson added that in the election manifesto, too, the BJP redeemed it as a major achievement of  this small state. Today, the BJP government in Himachal is completing around three years, and the government’s determination to work is so shaky that an announcement is made one  day and the next day it goes back to it.

“The Congress party in the state will raise the issues of these false declarations of the government, loudly on every platform ,so that people in the upcoming panchayat and municipal elections could not be cheated again of such  false propaganda,” said Sharma.