Dalai Lama Visits Ancient Buddhist Sites in Jammu

Nov 18, 2011 17:37 | Poltics

“It was clear that Buddhism has flourished in Jammu region ,” Dalai Lama

“Corruption can only be curbed through proper education and inner peace”, Dalai lama

Dharamsala/Arvind Sharma

Dalai Lama on Wednesday blessed ancient Buddhist relics excavated by the Archaeological Survey of India at Ambaran, Jammu district's Akhnoor region.

Dalai Lama also opened a photo exhibition by noted journalist Vijay Kranti at the Jammu & Kashmir Academy of Art, Culture and Language, where he was welcomed by Chief Minister Omar Abdullah. Disclosing this the Dalai Lama office at dharamsala informed that after the inauguration of the exhibition, He visited the ancient Buddhist site discovered at Ambaran, located on the banks of the river Chenab. It is believed that the relics, consisting of a stupa, remains of a monastery complex, stone pitched pathways, potteries, belong to an ancient Buddhist monastery of about three thousand years ago. The relics belonged to Pre-Khushan period in second century BC through Khushan, post-Khushan, post-Gupta to sixth century AD.


 the office said that speaking to a large gathering at Akhnoor, Dalai Lama stated it was clear that Buddhism has flourished in the region before and he is happy that Buddhism is on a revival mode now. Dalai Lama  also talked about democracy, and the rampant corruption that is taking place all over the world, which he called a cancer.Dalai Lama said that corruption can only be curbed through proper education and inner peace. Inner peace can only be gained from cultivating a good heart and by following the age-old Indian virtue of Ahimsa.Dalai Lama also advised the Ladakhi college students gathered at the event to study hard and work for the betterment of their community as well as for the whole humanity.


Office said that the public address was held at the government senior secondary school ground, Akhnoor and more than 15,000 people came to the sermon, of which more than 7,000 were ethnic Ladakhis who came all the way from Leh to seek blessings from Dalai Lama