Rs 8crore shall be spent for beautification of both Chamunda Temples :Sudhir Sharma

Jun 27, 2017 15:05 | Health & Religion

Dharamshala (Arvind Sharma )27/06/17

Mata Chamunda Mandir near Dharamshala on Palampur state highway  and  its original Himani Chamunda , the Old Chamunda Devi temple rests, relatively undisturbed, in its lofty locale a new Chamunda Devi temple is located at 5000 feet altitude on the Dharamsala-Palampur road. From the new temple to the old one, it’s a 13 Km stiff uphill trek.

Urban Development Minister Sudhir Sharma said today, “Both these temples areas  shall be  uplifted and beautified with an amount of 8 crore of rupees, rs 5.25 shall only be spent on New Chamunda Temple area.”

Speaking To PTI the minister said that Dharamshala city has been uplifted to many folds during the past 5 years. Sudhir , who is MLA of Dharamshala Vidhan Sabha said that Dharamshala got the Distinction to be included as  the first smart City  of Himachal Pradesh. The City was converted to be the only second Municipal Corporation of state after Shimla. Dharamshala was also announced as the second capital of the state during last 5 years of congress rule.

He said, “ to raise the income of the youth of the Dharamshala assembly area the concept of home stay shall be popularized, so that eco tourism could be develop in the area.”